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Personal video files, images and documents you want to share with your Instructor, classmates or display on your profile

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The My Files tab on your dashboard is home to any personal videos, images, screenplays or PDF documents you would like to upload to display on your Profile or share with fellow students or with your Instructor and Teacher Assistants. 

Supported file formats will open on Smashcut and can be watched, read, reviewed, and or commented on by anyone else in your class.

Supported file formats currently include:
- Videos (MP4, h.264, and ,mov) - max file size 3 gb

- Images and image collections (png, jpeg) - max image size 50 mb

- .Fountain files

- PDFs

- 3D files (.glb, .gltf)

All other file formats are currently unsupported. You can still upload and share unsupported files with your peers or instructors, but they will need to download and open them locally on their computers in order to review it.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Files you upload here cannot be submitted as Assignments for official Instructor review or grading.  

Here's how to upload your files in the My Files tab: 

  • Click on the My Files tab

  • Click on Upload File

  • Choose to upload a file or an image collection

You can screen supported files uploaded here in Live Video Meetings or add them to your profile.

Sharing files

Next to your uploaded video or image on the right hand side you'll find 'Share' icon

When you click on 'Share' icon, you'll have this pop up window with the following options:

  1. Copy the link to your file

  2. Share to Group Chat

  3. Share with an Individual User

This same share icon appears on your submitted projects in the Projects tab and next to your assets uploaded to your Crew Files

NOTE: Share Icon is also present on other files located on Smashcut. If you click on the main video on the Syllabus, it will open in a different window:

IMPORTANT: Everyone's My Files is private except for instructors who can access students'.

If you run into any issues or have a question, please click the Help Chat button.

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