Students: Schedule Meetings tab

Learn how to schedule meetings with your Instructors or TAs

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The Schedule Meetings tab is where you go to schedule Live Video Meetings with your Instructor or your Teacher Assistants. 

To check their availability, click on the card that shows your Instructor or Teacher Assistant and click on Schedule Meetings.

A green slot means that he/she is available at that date/time. If a slot is black, it means he/she is unavailable. If a slot is purple, it means it has been already taken by another student. 

The hours showing on the available slots are based in your local time. 

So, if you live in Tokyo and your Instructor lives in NYC, when you book a meeting at 10:30 PM, it will be 10:30 PM Tokyo local time. 

After you book your meeting, it will show up in your Upcoming Video Meetings tab. 

TIP: Enable email and SMS notifications to receive reminders and alerts about your scheduled live video meetings! 

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