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Learn more about the Crew Hub and its features: crew projects and files, messages and projects submission

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Smashcut makes it easy to collaborate with people around the world and work on group projects. Once your Instructor assigns you to a Crew, you will see the Crew Hub button appear in the top navigation menu.

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Each Crew Page includes a special crew-only discussion board and a list of the projects your crew may be assigned to work on together.



You also have a tab labeled Crew Files. Everyone in your crew can upload and share files here. Read about how to download and share Crew Files.


If your instructor has assigned your Crew a project, it will show up in the Projects tab.

Click on a project to read instructions and details for that assignment:


When you are ready to submit your Crew project as a group, click on the Project listed in your Crew Projects tab. If you need to upload your project, click the Upload File button, or select the file beneath the project details area and click submit.


You'll also see a Join Crew Call button. If you want to chat with your crewmates, clicking this button will open a video meeting for everyone. Just coordinate when you all want to meet!


When you or any of your crew members upload a file, post a message, or submit a project, you receive a notification in your Bell icon menu and on Crew Hub button:

If you run into any issues navigating Crew Hub, please get in touch by clicking the Help Chat button.

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