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What are the different types project assignments?
What are the different types project assignments?

Everything you need to know about individual project assignments and crew projects!

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If your instructor has assigned you a project, you'll see it listed on your Syllabus tab.

 It also appears on the Assignments tab of the Lesson page it's associated with.

Video Projects:

If you are assigned a video project, you will need to follow the instructions given to you by your instructor and upload a video to submit to you instructor for review/grading. 

Export your videos as H.264, .mov, or MP4 formats before uploading. 

Screenwriting / Text-Based Projects:

These projects require you to write and then export a document in .fountain or PDF format before uploading. 

Read all about screenwriting projects and which software to use here: Screenwriting Programs We Recommend for Exporting .Fountain Files

Crew Projects:

If you are assigned a crew project to work on, you will see the Crew Hub button appear in the top navigation bar of your dashboard.

Crew projects are assignments you work on as a group. The instructor will assign roles or allow the crew to decide amongst themselves. The crew collaborates to create a project and submit it for review or grading.

Crew pages have a list of members, a discussion board, and a list of projects. Click into your project to see the instructions and important details like when it's due. 

Upload and share assets with your crew like screenplays, shot lists, b-roll, and video edits within each project. 

Viewing Assignment

If your instructor has assigned a video or film to watch, it will appear on your Syllabus. Follow the instructions to access films assigned to you.

Reading Assignment

Reading assignments are listed on your syllabus and can be also be accessed in the Assignments Tab on your Lesson page. Follow the instructions to access the links or articles for assigned reading.

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