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.Fountain files and recommended Screenwriting softwares
.Fountain files and recommended Screenwriting softwares

More information about screenwriting software and .fountain files

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Smashcut requires all writing assignments to be published in .Fountain — a plaintext markup language for standard screenplay formatting. It is a light-weight and an open-source format that is an industry standard nowadays. has a full list of supported applications, and you can learn more about Fountain in general here.

Smashcut's Recommendations:

  • Fade In also allows you to export .fountain files and has a limited-feature free version. 

  • Celtx has a free option and allows you to export .fountain files. Check this guide for creating projects on Celtx.

  • If you're looking for a totally free option, check out Trelby (for linux and windows only at the moment). 

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