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Video Export and Compression Guide
Video Export and Compression Guide

Learn the best way to export your video files for Smashcut.

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Smashcut supports MP4, and .mov
Please use the H.264 compression format.

Your video editing software will have an option to export your video file after you save your project. You may have the option to compress your file to H.264 straight out of your editor. If not, we put together a guide to exporting using a free app called HandBrake. 

TIP:  HandBrake is a free video transcoder that makes it easy to compress your video files to MP4. 

If you have a question about using HandBrake, or are running into an error, please check out HandBrake's Support FAQ.

You can use the following instructions when transcoding your video with HandBrake

  1. When you open HandBrake, you will be prompted to select your source file. This is the video file you saved and exported from your editing software. 

  2. Select the file that you want to work with, then click "Open." HandBrake will scan the source file, which may take several seconds.

  3. Once your file is ready to go, Handbrake will automatically load in some default information 

Click the Start button and select where you want your compressed video to save to on your computer. After your video is complete, you can easily upload it to Smaschut!

Are you having issues uploading videos? Try our Troubleshooting Steps!

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