How to submit a Crew Project

Send your crew’s work for Instructor's review!

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After you and your Crew finish the Crew Project, it's time to submit your final video!
Remember that only the final file should be submitted as your Crew Project.
When your final file is ready and all the Crew agreed on it, any of its members may submit it. 

Also, be sure that the final file has been uploaded as a Crew Asset already.

Here's how:

  • Head to the Crew Hub.

  • Select the Crew that is ready to submit the Crew Project (in case you are in more than one crew).

  • Within the Crew Page, go to Projects and select the desired one from the list.

  • After the upload is complete, check the file within the platform - hit play and see if it's exactly the way you want your Instructor to see it.

  • Ready? Click on Submit Project.

  • Select from the list of Crew Assets which one is your final edit to be submitted.

  • Click on Submit and wait for your Instructor's review.

Any Crew member can delete, replace or submit a file. So be sure you all agreed on the final result prior to the submission. 

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