Count on your Teacher Assistants to help you with Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut or any other non-linear editing software you might want to use!

View Final Cut tutorial - beginner tutorial

If you don't have access to paid software such as the ones mentioned above, there are many free options to choose from!

If you are using a Mac, iMovie is available for you.

If you're on Windows, try their video editing app. Both are available within your Operational System or free to download and have everything you might need to edit your movies throughout the program. 

You can also download a free version of DaVinci Resolve running on macOS and Windows 10:

The free version has all necessary features for editing your videos and you can easily play around with it.

Tip! Search Youtube for exactly what you're stuck on and find a guide for that step. For example you could search YT for "How do I export my video from iMovie" or "How do I add a title to my video in DaVinci Resolve"

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