Video: Dashboard Tour

A high-level video tour of the Smashcut dashboard

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This is your Smashcut dashboard. It displays your program information and is home to all of the tools you’ll need to run your class. Let's go over the top navigation icons.

Bell Icon

Next to the help chat button, you will see a bell icon. This will show notifications regarding the different activities you should be aware of. Things like upcoming video meetings or when a student submits an assignment.

Avatar Icon

Next to the bell icon, you have your avatar. Click here to access your account details menu. This is where you can upload a profile picture, update your personal information, email, change your password, and notification settings. We strongly recommend that you enable email notifications so that you don’t miss anything important.

Click on “Dashboard” to go back to the main page.

Feel free to click the help chat button if you have any questions!

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