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Troubleshooting video upload problems
Troubleshooting video upload problems

Here are some steps to see if you can solve your upload issue on your own!

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Video files must be 2GB or smaller and exported as H.264, .mov, .avi or MP4 before uploading to Smashcut. For more information, review our Compression Guidelines.

If you experience an upload issue, many times it can be solved by just trying it again. If it fails a second time, try some of the following steps:

  • Make sure you are using the Chrome web browser

  • Check that your file is 2GB or smaller

  • Select a H.264, .mov, .avi, or MP4 file to upload

  • End or pause all other activities on your network that might be using a lot of bandwidth (Netflix, online gaming, etc.) 

  • Restart your router and modem. If you can, plug your computer directly into your router with an ethernet cable

Wondering if your internet connection might be the issue? You can run this speed test to check your upload speed.

If you do all this and are still having issues uploading your file, please reach out to a member of the Student Support Team by clicking the Help Chat button at the top of any Smashcut page.

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