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Displaying videos, images and documents on my profile
Displaying videos, images and documents on my profile

The content you have uploaded in the My Files tab may be shown in your Profile!

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Besides adding an avatar, a short bio, location, and social links, you can also display the content you have uploaded in your My Files tab. This includes videos, screenplays and pdf documents.

This allows everybody that clicks on your profile to check out the work you are most proud of!

To access your profile, go to the top navigation menu and click in Profile. 

You will see the information you put in your Account Settings, like your name, location, short bio, avatar and introduction video.

If you want to show a video you uploaded in My Files tab, go to your Profile page and click in Manage Uploads.

Then, choose which files you want to Show or Hide in your Profile page clicking in the corresponding option.

Click in Close and then you will see the chosen files listed in your Profile Page. 

Remember that your Profile, and its content, may be visible or not to other students, depending on your Privacy settings

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