Downloading Crew files

How to share and download files you and your crewmates have uploaded to the Crew.

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If a fellow Crew member uploaded a file or Project File, it will display in the Crew Files tab in your Crew and beneath any Project your instructor may have assigned you in the Projects tab.

  • Go to your Crew

  • Click on Projects. 

  • Choose the Project you want to download a file from. The list of files of that Project will appear right away:

  • Hover over that file and click the download icon that appears all the way to the right.


You will also see a Crew Files folder in your My Files tab on your Dashboard. Select the folder with the name of the Crew where the file you want to download has been added. Hover over the file you want to download to reveal the download button. Click it to start downloading the file to your computer.

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