Assignment #6: Group Documentary
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STEP 1 Students talk with each other and ask (but aren’t limited to) the following questions: 

  1. What is something you do/see every day that is commonplace to you but is special to everyone else? 

  2. What is something that you wish you could do outside of where you live? 

STEP 2 Based on the conversation and questions generated from the conversation (this can be a written conversation or video conversation), the group creates a production book to come up with a plan for what material will be used in the group documentary. Work with your teaching assistant on the creation of this book! 

STEP 3 The production book is submitted and the professor either gives the green light to film or additional work needs to be done in pre-production. STEP 4 The footage is compiled and a group edit is done of the footage. STEP 5 

  1. After screening the footage, feedback is given and a second cut is made that might need to incorporate additional footage. 

  2. Group discusses what next steps are and what needs to be done for second cut STEP 6 Final Screening 

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