How to submit Assignments

Learn how to submit your project assignments for your instructor to review

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Your Syllabus tab lists out your lectures, and assignments. 

If there's an assignment that requires you to submit an asset, like a video or a screenplay, you'll see a due date next to that assignment on your syllabus. 

Once you've completed your assignment, it's time to submit it to your instructor for review. 

You can click the UPLOAD icon on the Syllabus tab which takes you directly to the Assignments tab on the video page.


You can click into the video page and select the Assignments tab.

You'll see an Upload Project button. Click it, follow the instructions to select your file and start uploading.

NOTE: If you are uploading a video, there will be a short encoding period during which you won't be able to watch your video. Sometimes the encoding might take longer than expected depending on the file size and Internet connection. If you notice that encoding has been going for awhile, delete your video and try uploading again. Read more about encoding.

Once upload is complete, you'll see the option to Submit your project to your instructor. You also have options to replace or remove that project if you need. 

IMPORTANT: You can't replace the project after you Submit it. In that case you'll need to reach out to your Instructor or TA and ask them to Request Revision on their side.

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