Commenting on Screenplays

Exchanging ideas with your Instructor and Teacher Assistants is very easy!

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If you've uploaded a .fountain screenplay file, you can get contextual feedback directly on your script!

While reading a Screenplay, you may leave a Comment on specific sections of the script. For instance, you may choose to comment a particular dialogue, the screenplay's title or anything else in the .fountain document. Here's how:

  • While viewing the script, simply click on the part of it that you would like to comment. Then, you may write the Comment in the bar that will show below your screenplay.

  • Your Instructor and TAs may also leave comments on your screenplay if it was submitted as an Assignment or shared with them as a My Files tab upload. All the comments left on a given screenplay, whether made by you or your Instructor/TAs, will then be showing in the Comments session. 

  • You may sort all the comments by the Newest or in Sequential order.

  • You may also answer a comment made by your Instructor or Teacher Assistants. To do that, click on the reply button below each Comment. You may leave text or video comments. 

  • Each one of your comments may be replied, edited or deleted. Simply click on the buttons you will find below it.

  • While reading a screenplay, you may also have a quick view of a Comment by hovering your cursor over the comment mark, as shown below: 

Good luck collaborating and let us know if you have any other questions.

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