What is encoding?
Uploading is just the first part of the process of putting a video on Smashcut. After you upload your video it will begin encoding. Your digital video is encoded to meet proper formats and specifications for playback on the platform.


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How long does encoding take?

Encoding can take a few seconds for a very short, small video all the way to 30 min for a large file. Sometimes it can take longer than expected so try to be patient!

How long is too long?

If your video is encoding for longer than 2 hours please replace or try your upload again.

Smashcut supports MP4, .mov and .avi video files.
Please use the H.264 compression format.

Your video editing software will have an option to export your video file after you save your project. You may have the option to compress your file to H.264 straight out of your editor. If not, we put together a Video Compression Guide that covers how to use HandBrake.

TIP: HandBrake is a free video transcoder that makes it easy to compress your video files to MP4.

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