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How to watch or read your fellow classmates' project assignments and share yours
How to watch or read your fellow classmates' project assignments and share yours

Learn how to review your peers' projects and share your own files

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You’ve submitted your assignment and now you’re curious to see what others did in the class! There are a couple of ways you can view each other’s work.

1. You can see your Classmates Projects by clicking on 'Projects' Tab and choosing 'Class Projects.'

3. You can also access "My Files" through direct messages on the Discussions tab and share you work there. Click on a person's name in the left-hand list to open a DM.

4. You can add the projects to your profiles and use your community tab to look at each other profile and videos. Before you can do so, make sure you upload relevant materials to “My Files” tab on your dashboard, including a copy of your submitted assignments if you like to share those. Then you can display them on your profile page. Learn how to add files to your profile.

5. You can also share your files from My Files, Projects or Crew Assets directly to individual users or in Discussions Tab via 'Share' Icon located on the right hand side.

When you click on 'Share' icon, you'll have this pop up window with the following options:

  1. Copy the link of your file

  2. Share to Group Chat

  3. Share to a Chat with Individual User

Similar 'Share' Icon appears on your submitted projects in 'Projects' Tab and next to your Assets in Crew Hub.


You can also upload a file again directly from your computer and share in Discussions Tab:

If you run into any issues or have a question, please reach out to our Support Team via Help Chat Button!

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