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Images and Image Collection

Learn how to upload images and image collections

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You can upload single images and image collections to Smashcut.

Go to My Files tab on your dashboard, your home to any personal videos, screenplays or PDF documents you would like to upload to display on your Profile or share with fellow students or with your Instructor and Teacher Assistants.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Files you upload here cannot be submitted as Assignments for official Instructor review or grading.

Here's how to upload your images/image collections in My Files tab:

  • Click on the My Files tab

  • Click on Upload File

  • Click on Upload a File if you want to add a single image

  • Click on Upload an Image Collection for multiple images

Supported image files: PNG, JPEG

Max Image Size: 50MB

If you like to learn how to share your files and assignments with your classmates, please see the respective section on 'Share" Icon next to your files in My Files article.

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