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Exporting your video from iMovie
Exporting your video from iMovie

Learn how to export a simple video and avoid upside down issues

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Your Syllabus tab lists out your assignments some of which require a single shot introductory video or a recording of your pitch for a project or a screenplay.

Sometimes when you upload the video to Smashcut, you might face upside down display issues. It usually happens if you used your phone to film or it was turned in a certain way.

We recommend putting your file though an editing software and exporting it. Please export the file as H.264, .mov, .avi, or MP4.

If you are using a Mac iOS, iMovies is available for you. If you're on Windows, try Windows Movie Maker. Both are available within your Operational System or free to download and have everything you might need to edit your movies throughout the program.

You can also download a free version of DaVinci Resolve running on macOS and Windows 10: The free version has all necessary features for editing your videos and you can easily play around with it.

For more info on editing softwares please visit I need help with my video editing software.

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