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Why can't I join the live video meeting?
Why can't I join the live video meeting?

Having trouble joining the live meeting? Here are the most common reasons and steps to fix them.

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Joining a live video conference on Smashcut requires a laptop or desktop computer with a working camera. iPads and mobile devices are not supported for live video meetings yet. Always use the Chrome web browser when accessing Smashcut.

Troubleshooting steps:

  • If you have a camera that you can unplug, unplug it and plug it back in. Sometimes that will jumpstart the camera to communicate with the browser.

  • Allow Smashcut to access your camera and microphone. Click the lock icon next to the web address and make sure you've allowed Smashcut to access your mic and camera.

  • Quit and restart your browser and try again

  • Quit and restart your computer and try again

Have you tried everything above and still having issues joining?

Please run this test:
At the end of the test, you'll see a link that says "Save this data as simple text." Please copy and paste those results in the Help Chat and get in touch with a member of the support team.

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