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Instructors: Crews

Learn how to create crews in your course

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Students can collaborate with each other via the Crew feature on Smashcut.

When you want to break your course into Crews, you need to go to the Crew Tab and click on Create Crew.

You will see a window where you can type the name of the crew, select Instructor and assign a relevant project from the drop down menu.

If you just want for a Crew to exchange ideas, files, messages throughout the course without any specific project submission, please select No Project. Click on Continue after all the boxes are filled.

After you click Continue, you will see this window below where you choose which students you want in the crew by clicking on them.

The purple check mark on the left indicates which student is being selected. Once you are done, select Create Crew.

The Crew (s) will appear under Active Crews in the Crew tab.

If you want to modify the Crew, please click on a Crew. Here you have an option to edit Crew Name or Project via 'Pencil' icon on the left hand side. If you want to add a student, choose Add Member or if you need to delete someone, select 'Trash bin' icon next to their name.

You can also see Projects and any associated Notes within a specific crew.

In order to go inside Crews, please select a Crew via Crew Hub button next to the Help Chat button:

NOTE: Students also will see a Crew Hub button appear at the top of their dashboard right next to the Help Chat button after you add them to Crews.

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