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Live Video Meetings
Instructors/TAs: Scheduling Live Video Meetings / Conferences
Instructors/TAs: Scheduling Live Video Meetings / Conferences

Learn how to schedule, delete live video meetings and invite participants

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Smashcut's Video Conference feature allows you to schedule live and group video meetings with students in your program. During a Conference you may:

  • Share and screen assets you've uploaded to your My Files tab

  • Share and screen assets students in your program have uploaded (good for group critique)

  • Host student Q&A via the group chat

To schedule your Video Conference, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Conferences tab in your Dashboard and click on Create Conference

  • Choose a name for your Conference, the date and time (please choose the Conference time here according to your local time). It's required to select duration - we allow the length of meeting in 15m increments. You're also required to select recurrence - no recurrence, daily, weekly, or bi-weekly.

  • Choose type of conference: Group Video Meeting (Up to 30 participants) or Webinar (up to 100 participants). For Group Video Meeting you can also choose duration, but for the Webinars you can’t.

Group Video Meetings for up to 30 participants and includes a grid view of

participants webcams for live video discussion. Limited to 3 hours.

Webinars for up to 100 participants. Participants see and hear the host, and can

ask questions in a live chat. The host may designate co-hosts who can be seen

and heard by all participants.

  • Select the students you want to invite to attend the live, video conference clicking on Invite Students. To select them, click on their names and, after you're done, click on OK. After you selected the students, they will be listed in the right side of your Conference Details, as shown below:

  • All set up? Click on Create & Book to create your Conference.

Your Conference will be created and you will see its details and the link you and the invited students have to access in order to participate.

Note that you have a few options to the right of your created Conference:

  • Copy the link - to paste in your browser and access your Conference or to share it directly with a student.

  • Edit the Conference - to change name, date, and time of the Conference, as well as invite more students to it.

  • Delete the Conference - to cancel your live event.

Note: all created Conferences show up in invited students' Upcoming Video Meetings tab and are displayed in their local times.

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