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Whether you are an instructor or a TA, there are many great features that you can take advantage of in Smashcut. This article covers everything you need to know. Please bookmark or save this article for quick access.

We will go over all the tabs on your dashboard to provide you with a quick overview of each. Additionally, make sure you click on the orange button at the end of every feature, it will take you to the full article which contains screenshots and videos on how to use each feature.

Looking for a specific feature? Here is a quick link to each of them:

The Smashcut Dashboard

First, let's start with your Dashboard and overall layout of the platform. Watching this video is a great introduction to the platform.

You can also check the article with screenshots by clicking on the following button

Set your availability for 1:1 meetings with your students

Smashcut lets you set the times you will allow students to set one-on-one meetings with you based on your schedule. Think of this as office hours. You set when you are available and the students can book meetings with you during the times you set.

You can customize it as needed and even set specific times for specific dates. This is great when you know you will available at a different time than usual. Learn how to set your availability here.

Projects For Review tab

The first tab you see on your dashboard is the Projects For Review tab. This is where you get a list of all the assignments your students have submitted for you to review.

You can sort and filter this tab to help you focus on just the assignments you want to review.
Review student assignments by clicking on the assignment card. You can leave comments and feedback and finally submit an official review. You will probably spend a lot of time here so make sure you check out our article on how to use this tool.

Syllabus tab

The Syllabus tab contains video lessons and assignments for your course. This is tab is visible to both students and instructors.

If you need to make any changes, feel free to use the help chat button on the top-right corner of the screen so that our team can help out with that.

Students Tab

The Student tab gives you a list of students currently enrolled in your course. It allows you to see at a glance how each student is doing.

You can check out project status, see their file uploads and add private notes that only you and TAs can view.

My Files tab

Think of this as your personal google drive or dropbox on Smashcut. This is home to any videos, images, screenplays, or PDF documents you want to share with students in the Discussions tab or present during live video meetings.
You can also display these files on your Smashcut profile page, attach them as feedback on your student's assignment reviews.

Check out our tutorial on everything you can do with the tool.

Crews and Crew Hub

The Crew tab allows you to organize students into groups and assign them projects to work on together. Once you've created a Crew, they get a page called a Crew Hub. Every Crew Hub has a group chat, a space to upload and share media files, and an ever-present button to join a live video meeting.

You can assign official projects for Crews to work on and turn in together like group assignments or use Crews as a pure collaborative spaces for students to share media and meet up in the Smashcut platform.

Conferences tab

This is where you'll come to book your live group video meetings or webinars.

Reminder, students can book meetings with you if you add your Availability for one-on-one meetings.
The Conferences tab is where you are creating the meeting and inviting people -- you can invite individuals or classes, set up recurring meetings, and more.

Discussions tab

The Discussions tab contains a message board where you can chat with the entire class or direct message with your students and teaching assistants. Here, you may also share files you uploaded in the My Files tab, share links, record a video message, and communicate with your students.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to click the help chat button. Our Support members will be more than glad to help out!

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