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Student Onboarding

Everything you need to know as a student

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Smashcut offers many tools that you can use to communicate with your teammates and instructors, submit assignments and overall navigate your class. In this article, we will teach you the basics and most used tools for you to be ready for your class.

First, make sure that your hardware is ready. This means having a computer with the latest version of Chrome and a good internet connection. You can check our hardware and systems check article for more details.

Once that is out of the way, let's go through all Smashcut features you can use. You will see a quick overview of every feature in this article. If you already know the basics of such feature and you are looking for more information, you can see the more detailed article for that feature through these links below:

Dashboard and Syllabus

This quick video tour will show you the lay of the land on all things Smashcut. We recommend you watch it to get familiar, especially if this is your first time here!

Schedule Meetings

If your instructor has set up availability, you will be able too book them for live video meetings. Simply go to the "Schedule meetings" tab and click on your instructor.

Their available times will show up automatically on your timezone so no need to worry about timezone conversion.

Submitting projects

As a student, you will most likely be sending work to your instructor for review. In Smashcut submitting these projects is a very easy process.

From your Syllabus, simply locate the upload button in the project to upload your file. You can learn about which file formats are supported in this article.

Once uploaded, you can replace or remove the file if you've made a mistake, this can only be done before you submit it. Once you are ready, click submit project.

My Files

This is home to all files you would like to upload, whether these are for personal/private use, to share with crews, or submit as projects.

You simply use the upload file button to get your file in the platform.

Supported file formats currently include:
- Videos, MP4, h.264, and ,mov

- Images and image collections, png, jpeg

- .Fountain files

- PDFs

- 3D files, .glb, .gltf

You can upload unsupported files but these will need to be uploaded as a .zip file and all individuals will need to download the file to their computers to see the content.


Some classes will have crews set up by your instructor to collaborate with your teammates. If you are in a crew, the crew hub button will show up for you to click on at the top left of your dashboard

This is your private space with all members of the crew where you can message people as a group or individually, add files to a shared folder, submit crew projects, and your personal link to join video calls and notifications.


Conferences will show up in the same place you see live video meetings. These are set up by your instructor so you don't have to do anything. You will get a notification but you can also check this tab to make sure you know what time your meeting is happening.

Discussion Tab

You can use the discussion tab to direct message your instructor and teammates, as well as communicate with them as a group in the main channel. Check out this quick video on everything you can do here!

Help Chat

Still have questions? Our support members will be more than glad to help you further. Simply click on the help chat button located on the right corner of your screen and let us know what you need!

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